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Prickly Pear and Bluebonnets Prickly Pear and Bluebonnets

“Tender Care”  is my original 18” x 24”, oil on canvas that tells the story of a cowboy and his trusted horse.  Whether on the ranch or at the rodeo, or practice pen, a cowboy’s horse is the element that distinguishes his work.  Here, this man is about to check the condition of his horse’s feet to insure the soundness of one of his most treasured possessions, and apply a little, loving, …”Tender Care”…

“Prickly Pear and Bluebonnets”  is an original 12” x 16”, oil on canvas that gives a look at West Texas spring beauty. There is nothing like the advent of spring in Texas, when the Bluebonnets begin to bloom amidst the landscape of Live Oak trees and cactus. This stone tank and Aermotor Windmill  highlight the backdrop of this vintage scene of “Prickly Pear and Bluebonnets”…

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